Professional Development Curriculum

Education Classes

Many of the inefficiencies existing in the automotive glass business have been passed down through the years and are a part of the culture today. Fortunately, there is a solution! We have developed a set of curriculum to assist your business in overcoming these cost-draining activities so you can make more or invest in more rewarding activities. Don’t think you need help? Ask yourself these questions and make note of your answers:

  1. How many phone calls does your business answer daily?
  2. How many phone inquiries does your business close daily?
  3. What is your average gross profit per installation or repair?
  4. What is your break-even point for profit?
  5. How many installations or repairs do you perform monthly for your largest customer?
  6. How much revenue and profit does your largest customer represent monthly?
  7. How much money did you spend this past year on marketing tools?
  8. How many installations or repairs did this investment return?

If you answered no to questions 1 & 2, you need to take our Customer Service Excellence class. If you answered no to 3 & 4, sign up for our Financial Management course. For questions 5 & 6, a no answer indicates a need to sign up for our Sales Planning and Execution class and answering no to questions 7 & 8 indicate a need for our Marketing Execution and Analysis course.

These 4 classes comprise the backbone of any organization in any industry. If you are weak in any one area, this is a competitive disadvantage. Our classes make it easy to turn a weakness into strength. Each class lasts approximately 2 hours each and will return immediate results provided you apply the education. Our classes are interactive to reinforce learning. Sign up today!