Joel TimmonsProfitable Glass Solutions Ltd. was founded in 2007 as a consulting firm dedicated to companies engaged in, or seeking entry into, the automotive glass replacement and repair industry. My 25 + years in upper management positions in manufacturing and retail led to valuable insight into the wasteful inefficiencies that drain unnecessary funds and resources within the supply and value chain. Profitable Glass Solutions Ltd. assists companies in identifying and overcoming these inefficiencies to maximize revenue and reduce costs. We have continually demonstrated a clear value proposition and our business model continues to stand out in a cookie cutter industry.

Further, we offer tools and training designed to cultivate revenue and brand enhancement. Sadly, many companies do little to fortify their brand and suffer as a result. In an industry with no barriers to market, it is vital businesses differentiate themselves from others. There is not enough broken glass to support every business so only the best survive. Profitable Glass Solutions is here to make sure your company is fit for today’s fight.