Instructer-led Seminar Agreement

It is necessary that each Continuing Education Instructor and each Host of Instructor-led continuing education seminars understand and comply with the guidelines and regulations for offering classroom courses.

State regulations for offering and conducting CE courses are very strict and must be adhered to. All course announcements must clearly state the number of credit hours available for completion of the course. The announcements must be accurate to avoid any possibility of confusion regarding the specifics of the course.

In general, the following guidelines must be followed when presenting a classroom continuing education course:

1.Immediately notify PGS of any class changes or cancellations

2.Neither the company nor its products can be promoted during the class. During the allotted class time there cannot be a commingling of the course materials and any company recruitment or marketing efforts. If a question is asked relevant to either the company or any of its products, the person must be advised to see you at the conclusion of the class or at break

3.Do not allow any other party to conduct the class in whole or part

4.The course outline, in addition to any class materials, may be distributed to all attendees

5.The course outline must be followed as prepared

6.Classes must be conducted for the entire time it is approved for

7.Enrollment must be taken within the first 15 minutes of class and the attendance sheet completed in full and legible

8.The class attendance policy must be announced prior to class (If an attendee does not stay for the entire presentation, they will not receive credit for the course)

9.The Instructor must verify the attendance sheet is completed as required prior to dismissing the class – lack of required information may result in credit not being given for the course

10.Class attendance sheets (rosters) must be kept in view and control of the Instructor but not collected until the end of class

11.The instructor must provide a written Explanation detailing last minute changes or incomplete information on the class documents

12.The designation and insurance continuing education credit hours for the course should be announced

13.All attendance sheets should be returned to PGS via registered postage within 24 hours of course completion – failure to submit the information in a timely manner may adversely affect the award of continuing education credits.

14.The Instructor and/or Host must retain a copy of all class documents for their records

It is important to note state auditors may be present in the audience and any incident of non-compliance may result in insurance department disciplinary action against both the Instructor and the Company. You must conduct all classes as if the class is being monitored by an auditor to avoid suspension/termination of the Company's ability to provide and your opportunity to instruct continuing education courses.

I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the relevant state department(s) of insurance, professional designation board(s) and Profitable Glass Solutions Ltd. pertaining to the delivery of continuing education.

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